Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Need My Monster: A Speech and Language Book Companion

have always loved monsters.  All kinds of monsters.  One of my favorite movies is Monster's Inc., and I even bought my daughter a monster stuffed animal. (That is adorable!!) So, when I came across the book I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll, I had to have it!  My speech and language student's really enjoyed the story and the illustrations, which inspired me to make a book companion for it.

This book companion has 40 pages of activities which can be used for speech therapy, larger classroom centers, special education classrooms, parents, and intervention teachers!

Included in the download are:

Common Core Standards Page

Table of Contents

Sequencing Activities
 ~Preparation Directions, Teacher Ideas and “I can” Statement.
 ~5 card picture sequence with transition word cards.

Vocabulary Activities
 ~Preparation Directions, Teacher Ideas and “I can” Statement.
 ~ 11 vocabulary word cards + WILD game card
~Teacher Answer Sheet (with vocabulary definition, part of speech and example sentence for each word).

Following Directions with Concepts Activities
*Target Concepts:  under/over, in/out, whole/part, on/off, and through.
 ~Preparation Directions, Teacher Ideas and “I can” Statement.
 ~9 concept word cards 
 ~9 concept word picture cue cards
 ~Concepts Activity Drawing Printable

Description Activities
 ~Preparation Directions, Teacher Ideas and “I can” Statement.
 ~8 monster picture cards
 ~7 character word cards
 ~24 adjective word cards
 ~8 fill-in-the blank cards
 ~”Describe it” picture cue Helper Printable
 ~”Describe it” Checklist for older students Printable

Comprehension Activities
 ~Preparation Directions, Teacher Ideas and “I can” Statement.
 ~15 comprehension question cards (3 WHO, 3 WHAT, 3 WHERE, 3 WHEN, 3 WHY)
 ~ Teacher Answer Sheet for all WH-Questions

Monster Word Search Printable Activity

Story Telling/Writing Activities
 ~Story Elements Organizer/Checklist Printable
 ~Character Graphic Organizer
 ~Monster Drawing Activity Printable
 ~Writing Printable Worksheets
~Main Character Description Printable
~Setting Description Printable
~Major Event + Plan Development Printable
~Plan Steps Printable
~Problem + Solution Printable
~Results + Conclusion Printable
~Writing Short Stories Worksheets

Simple Comprehension Activity Printable
 *For beginning, middle and end of story.

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