Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring into Language: A Receptive and Expressive Activity Bundle!

A *SPRING* Receptive and Expressive Language Activity Bundle!  This is one of the very first products I ever uploaded to TpT! {It has been revised and updated since then.} This is a perfect 32 page bundle for SLPs or teachers.  The areas of concentration are synonyms, antonyms, simple comprehension questions, compare and contrast, oral narrative and writing activities, and following directions with basic concepts and a spring picture scene.  There are fill in the blank sentence worksheets for antonyms and synonyms.  Antonym and synonym pair cards for learning vocabulary and playing a matching game. There is also a blank card sheet for you to put your own targeted vocabulary on.

This spring bundle includes: 

Synonym Activities 
~Early Elementary: 6 Pair Cards
~Later Elementary: 6 Pair Cards
~Fill in the blank sentence worksheet

               Antonym Activities
~Elementary: 6 Pair Cards
~Secondary: 6 Pair Cards
~Fill in the blank sentence worksheet

Simple Comprehension Activities

Oral Narrative and Writing Activities
~With Graphic Organizers

Compare and Contrast 

Following Directions with Basic Concepts
~Directions for teacher to tell student

Picture Scene

Blank Card Sheet 
~To make own vocabulary cards

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