Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Books for Therapy {Social Language}

Here are a few elementary level books, which I recommend for using with those children who have social language needs.  These are just a few of my favorite books I have used in the past and continue to use over and over again! This post includes Amazon affiliate links.

Wombat Walkabout 
by Carol Diggory Shields

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I have used Wombat Walkabout to teach my younger students {kindergarten-2nd grade} about keeping their "body in the group."  This is terminology from Michelle Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum, from her Social Thinking Website.  I have used many of her materials and concepts to help teach my students with social needs.  Not only are they fun to teach, but the kids seem to enjoy learning them!

My Mouth Is a Volcano
by Julia Cook

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This book {all ages} is wonderful for teaching students about impulse control and blurting.  I really enjoy using the terminology, "Is your mouth a volcano today?" and "Let's practice keeping our volcano from erupting!"

David and the Worry Beast: Helping Children Cope with Anxiety
by Anne Marie Guanci

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I have come back to this book {2nd-5th grades} time and time again.  Many, if not all, of my children with social needs seem to have some kind of anxious feelings that accompany them daily.  When these times arise, I often bring out this book or review what we can do if our "worry beast" creeps up.  It is a great story and helps in teaching children how to manage their anxious feelings.

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