Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekly Review: April 7th, 2014

Week of April 7th - 11th

Mary, over at Old School Speech Blog, invited me to participate in a weekly review linky party!  I am new at blogging, and am very excited and enthusiastic about all the new blog-related things I am learning :) Thank you Mary for invited me to participate with you and fellow SLPs!

This week in my speech room I worked on superhero speech with my kindergarten articulation kids.  They seemed to really enjoy coloring their superhero sheets to look like themselves while practicing targeted sounds.  Other superhero speech activities this week included; completing a sequencing activity, playing our superhero board game, and making a "Superhero Speech" folder to put all of their goodies in!  I even gathered some good data from my superhero speech sound articulation bundles!


I also worked on some sequencing activities with a winter theme.  The sequencing activity was for getting dressed in outdoor clothing for playing in the snow. We were following directions with a snowman scene and I taught one group of students to follow directions on how to find festive music on the iPad! Listening to the music was also a part of my speech therapy groups this week, used as a reinforcer! {These therapy materials were part of A Frozen Winter: A Winter Speech and Language Themed Activity Bundle from TpT}. 

 Secret Message Speech is another really awesome activity I learned about over at The Speech Bubble blog!  My students absolutely loved using the water colors!  We all wrote our messages or drew pictures in white crayon on a piece of white paper.  Next, we took turns guessing what each other's message or drawing would be by giving subtle clues.  It was a great time -- LOTS of smiles all day long!

Many of my students have a difficult time with comprehension.  I decided to make some activities that would go along with a short book and allow us to use building blocks.  The comprehension question cards I made go along with a book about building blocks.  The students loved these activities!  We even used our imaginations to make our own creations.  Check it out below!

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