Thursday, May 22, 2014

Weekly Review: May 19th, 2014

May 19th ~ 23rd

This is going to be my last *Weekly Review* of this school year :(  My last day of this school year is actually June 6th, but there are so many fun activities planned during the last week that I wont being able to see many of my students.  So, enjoy my last *Weekly Review* post for a few months.

1.   I was introduced to this game by another SLP.  In my opinion, 
Hisss is a game that every SLP should own! It is an awesome game which can be used in many different ways.  This week, I used it for my articulation students.  They were only allowed to pick a card from the pile if they pronounced their target sound correctly at their level.  The first person to build a snake, with a tail and a head, won!

 This is a game that can be found on Amazon.  {If interested, click HERE}.

2.  I wrapped up some fluency samples and completed my last fluency evaluations this week!  Typing up and analyzing my speech fluency samples was a time consuming, but always fascinating, task!  I am happy they are completed!  

What process do you go through from start to finish for your fluency samples? Link in comments!

3.  I love "no prep" articulation worksheets! My COLOR ME: Speech Sound Printable Coloring Sheets were a big hit this week.  My students enjoyed them!  It was a great way to get a lot of sound repetitions into a 20-minute session. 

4. End of Year Speech Celebration Pack FREEBIE is from Allison's Speech Peeps!  I started using this on Thursday to wrap up the year! Thank you Allison's Speech Peeps!

5.  Finally, I prepared and completed stapling summer speech and language packets to send home!  This year, I am using a fabulous FREEBIE from School House Talk! Thank you Abby for these wonderful summer speech and language calendars! They are a life saver!

Below is a picture of a cover page I created.  It has the student's name on the cover and specifies "Speech" or "Language" summer practice.

ALSO, check out Wild About Books Wednesday Link up from Speech is Sweet! She has a fabulous book companion out!

This week I'm linking up again with Doodle Bugs Teaching for "Five for Friday" Linky Party!  Head on over to Doodle Bugs and check out what other educators did this week!

What a crazy, great, exciting, and fun school year this has been!  I will miss therapy over the summer, but will enjoy my time home with my 18 month old and my husband :)

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  1. Wahoo! Thanks for the shout out! I'm so glad you are enjoying the summer calendars. I just put the packets together for my students today. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Schoolhouse Talk