Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday {Linky Party!}

It's Wednesday! Time to talk speech and language therapy books and link up with Speech is Sweet! I have a couple awesome books to show you this week!

Personal Space Camp
by Julia Cook

{Buy on Amazon, HERE}

This book is awesome for teaching the social skill, personal space!  It has a great story and fun graphics.

Stephanie's Ponytail
by Robert Munsch

{Buy on Amazon, HERE}

This book is awesome for teaching grammar (conjunctions, nouns, adverbs) and narrative skills.  I use my Story Grammar Marker (SGM) worksheets and visuals when teaching narrative skills.  This book, and the SGM have been a great success with my students!

Curious about Story Grammar Marker?  Check it out HERE!


  1. Yay! Thanks for linking up! I'm envious of your SGM. :)

    I've heard so much about Robert Munsch! I think I've been under a rock haha.. Need to check him out ASAP

  2. I am obsessed with my SGM! It is a fun and very effective way to teach narrative skills! I used my budget last year and bought it. It is totally worth the money!