Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Express Yourself!: Camping Edition

This expressive language activity pack is great for increasing oral vocabulary usage and it has a fun camping theme! There are 20 pages of activities which can be used for speech therapy, larger classroom centers, special education classrooms, parents, and intervention teachers!

Included in this download are:

Common Core Standards

Table of Contents

Compare and Contrast Cards
~ Teacher and student “Compare” and “Contrast” vocabulary meanings

GAME: 18 cards. 12 cards with words and pictures to compare and contrast {2 things that are the same and 2 things that are different}. There are 3 “Lose a turn.” cards and 3 “Choose two cards from the pile.” cards.

 Synonyms: 9 pairs of cards
~noisy/loud, shut/close, talk/speak, tardy/late, shy/timid, fancy/luxurious, quiet/silent, dirt/soil, equal/same

Antonyms: 9 pairs of cards
~clean/dirty, work/play, all/none, full/empty, rude/polite, calm/excited, positive/negative, east/west, listen/ignore

 Extra Playing Cards:  3 “Lose a turn.” and 3 “Extra Points” cards for Synonym and Antonym games, and 6 “LOSE ONE TURN.” card for Multiple Meaning Word game.

Multiple Meaning Words: 18 single cards
~bat, pop, tie, space, press, trunk, roll, bill, duck, block, ring, shade, wave, stand, season, hand, miss, march

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