Thursday, September 11, 2014

This Moose Belongs To Me: A Speech and Language Book Companion!

I live in Minnesota and in the northern part of the state we have moose.  So, when I found this book I just had to have it! The moose made me think of the north woods and the story made me laugh. Naturally, I had to make a book companion for it.  This book companion focuses on articulation and receptive and expressive language skills! 

The book, This Moose Belongs To Me can be found on Amazon, HERE!

This book companion is great for This Moose Belongs To Me book by Oliver Jeffers! There are 45 pages of activities which can be used for speech therapy, larger classroom centers, special education classrooms, parents, and intervention teachers!

Included in the download are:
Table of Contents

Common Core Standards

Compare and Contrast Cards

~ Teacher and student “Compare” and “Contrast” vocabulary meanings.
~GAME: 18 cards. 11 cards with words and pictures to compare and contrast {2 things that are the same and 2 things that are different}. Also, there is 1 “make up your own” compare and contrast card. There are 3 “Lose a turn.” cards and 3 “Choose two cards from the pile.” cards.

Multiple Meaning Cards
~12 single multiple meaning cards.
~Extra Playing Cards:  3 “Lose a turn.” and 3 “Extra Points” cards or Multiple Meaning Word game.

Grammar Activities
~12 regular past tense verb cards, 12 irregular past tense verb cards.
~3 “lose a turn.” and 3 “Take another turn!” cards.

Feelings Activity
~2 feeling writing activity worksheets relating to how the characters feel in the book.

Vocabulary & Comprehension Activities
~12 vocabulary cards which are words from the book

~2 Vocabulary definition answer/reference sheets for educator

~1 vocabulary fill-in-the blank worksheet

~12 Comprehension Question Cards

Game Cover Cards (6 included)

Game Board

Articulation Activities
~/S/, /Z/, /L/ and /R/ word cards (5 words per sound. All word positions.) 

10 picture-coloring-speech sound pages

Copyrights Page

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  1. This looks super cute! I've never read this book before, but I definitely need to check it out!