Monday, October 20, 2014

iPad Cases

Finite iPad Kiddie Case

Over the past few years, I have had many iPad cases {for personal use and therapy use}. This post is an overview of my personal experience and opinion on each case I have trialed. 
(This post includes Amazon affiliate links for your convenience) 

1. Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Military Case

-Extremely durable.
-Thin in nature.

-Screen cover makes screen less clear because plastic gets dirty from use
-The stand it comes with falls over because the materials the case is made out of are heavier
-Rubber material sticks

2.  Targus Rotating Case

-Buttons are easily accessible
-Slim design and durable for everyday personal use
-Stylish leather outside

-Not recommended for purpose of complete protection for iPad. 
{e.g. students who may throw}

3. ZAAGfolio Keyboard Case

-Keyboard stays charged for a long time
-Lightweight and durable
-Worked great for doing paperwork and searching the web

-Keys on keyboard have fallen off numerous times and I have had to order replacements... which continue to fall off

4.  Big Grips {Stand sold separately}

This was the second case I used in therapy.  
-Protects iPad if dropped/thrown

-Stand sold separately
-Stand is a separate piece of case.  Which means you have to haul around two pieces
-Too bulky for my needs
-Too bulky when trying to use for personal use (e.g. paperwork or searching the web)
-Green color was distracting for speech language pathologist and students
-Difficult to use power button and volume control buttons because case is too thick

5. Finite iPad Kiddie Case

So far, this is my favorite case.  I cannot find any cons about this case.  I have been using it for about a month!
-Lightweight case
-Case is not too bulky, but protects iPad well
-iPad is easily inserted and removed from case
-ONE piece! {Handle is attached}
-Handle doubles as a stand
-Fits in standard laptop bag for easy traveling for speech therapy
-Love it for work and home!

My #1 iPad case (so far) is the FINITE iPad Kiddie Case!

Please link in comments with any cases you think are worth the purchase and why!

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