Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Review: October 13th, 2014!

Well, this week there was only two days with students, one day for staff development and then Fall break! Happy reading!

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Story Cubes
Rory's Story Cubes {Found on Amazon HERE!} are awesome picture dice that I use to work on oral narratives with kids.  The kids of have coming up with stories including all the important story parts (I use Story Grammar Marker (SGM) for this - Evidence Based Intervention!) all while trying to have their story make sense. This activity always guarantees a good giggle and lots of smiles throughout the session. Oh, and a lot of fun learning :)

A Story Grammar Marker App is also available! (It can be bought in iTunes Store HERE) I haven't tried it yet, but hope to buy it soon!

I Need My Monster
by Amanda Noll & Howard McWilliam
It's that time of year... HALLOWEEN Time!  I whip out my monster books and have fun doing scary speech and language therapy! It's not really scary ~ just fun scary! My students give me great reviews about the book, I Need My Monster!  Such good reviews, that I created a book companion for it {which can be found reviewed on my blog HERE, and bought on TpT HERE!}

This book is perfect for so many reasons!  The story is awesome. I can work on oral narratives, sequencing, describing, vocabulary, feelings, comprehension, grammar, the list is seriously endless!  AND the graphics by Howard McWilliam are beautifully done. I really enjoy getting into each character when I read it to my students too :)

The PTO for the elementary school I work in hosts a Read-a-thon every year to raise money for our school!  The students collect pledges from family, friends or neighbors and then read for 120 minutes during the school day on the designated "Read-a-thon" day.  The goal is to promote a lifelong love of reading while raising money for our school!

Each classroom teacher chooses a different theme.  I chose to do "Fairy Tales" this year.  In previous years, I have done "Skippyjon Jones Books."  This year I decided to change it up and had a lot of older kids sign up for my theme! 

The overall school goal is to raise $30,000 this year!  We ended up raising $XXX!  WAY TO GO Sun Path students! Keep on reading!

Pinterest is an awesome resource for many different things!  I love to use it to get ideas for therapy and for my do-it-yourself projects for my home.  If you are an educator, I highly recommend creating a Pinterest account and learning how to navigate it (very easy... I promise!) The educational ideas and resources are endless and there are fabulous recipes galore!

2014 Family Photos!
Last weekend, we had our family photos taken!  Above is a sneak-peek... We love them and cannot wait to see the rest! Thank you Jessica Rivers Photography!

Weekend Outlook!
Going to a friends cabin in Wisconsin for a fun, long, relaxing family weekend! Bring on the fun!

What did you do this week?

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  1. The story grammar app may be one I have to put on my wishlist!
    We had a short week, too...PD on Monday, "Parent Conferences" on Friday, but no one that I know of had to work! Our fall break was last week, so next week is going to be a little rough.

    1. Sounds like you are definitely going to have a rough week! Good luck! It always takes a few days to get back into the swing of things! :)

  2. Pinterest is wonderful!! So many ideas and creative things!! Your family photos look like they turned out great!!