Friday, October 3, 2014

Weekly Review: September 29th, 2014

This was the last week in September and the beginning of a new season.  It is now Fall and time to begin using Halloween and Fall themed materials! What did I do this week in therapy?!  Check out my weekly review!

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I hosted my very first Linky Party!
 It's Throwback Thursday ~ SLP Style!  Come on over and join in the party or just read about some great materials! This was my FIRST TIME hosting a linky party! You can post materials (or blogs you have referred to) from the past that you love to use and why! {New materials are welcome too!}  I will be hosting this linky party the first Thursday of every month.  You do not have to be a speech language pathologist to participate.  I love reading about what all types of educators are using and doing with kids! Think about linking up! The link up is open until Friday nights.

Paint Dabbers!
This week, I completed many open-ended activities using some worksheets I made and paint dabbers!
Working on grammar and lots of repetition of speech sounds with our dabbers made speech a little more excited this week :)

The infamous...CARIBOO Game!
Played this fabulous game this week with the original cards.  My students working on /s/ and /r/ sounds practiced word level while playing.

Dreaded /r/ speech sound production activities!
Once again, used Playing With Words 365 recommendations for teaching the dreaded /r/ sound!  Molded tongues out of Play Doh and taught placement!

Anti-Bullying Day!
My school district completed an anti-bullying day walk and other fun activities on Friday! Everyone, staff and students, received a blaze orange t-shirt to wear for the day.  All of the staff also taught lessons on bullying and read/used a great book for early elementary students {One by Katheryn Otoshi}. I also used this book during speech and language therapy sessions and we made anti-bullying posters together.

Download this FREEBIE HERE!
See blog post about this freebie HERE.

{One book can by found on Amazon, HERE.}

"Don't Bully" video. {from YouTube}

Weekend Outlook!
Looking forward to a nice weekend at home and beginning my daughters birthday present!  I will be DIYing a play kitchen made out of an old television stand we have.  I can't wait to get started! {Her 2nd birthday is not until December 12th, so I have plenty of time!}
Examples of DIY play kitchens: HERE

What did you do this week?
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  1. I'm going to have to check out the playdough activity for /r/. Did you hear about the /karla/ technique? I tried that with some of my kids...some could do it, some couldn't. Now to figure out how to isolate that /r/!!!
    Thanks for linking up! :)