Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday! {Linky Party}

Happy middle of the week folks!  It's Wild About Books Wednesday and I am pumped to share a few great Autumn finds with you! Read on... {This post has Amazon affiliate links for your convenience}

Otis and the Scarecrow
by Loren Long
{Found on Amazon, HERE!}
This is an adorable book about a tractor named Otis. He lives on a farm and is introduced to new friends.  I use this book to teach about the current season, Fall.  I also use to to work on...
~Comprehension Questions
~Answering Yes/No Questions

Bear Feels Sick 
Written by Karma Wilson and Illustrated by Jane Champan
{Found on Amazon, HERE!}
I absolutely love Karma Wilson's bear book series.  I have been using them for six years and they are getting pretty tattered!. (That's just shows how loved they really are!)
There are many great lessons within each book. Some language things I work on using this specific book are:
~Comprehension Questions
~Vocabulary (e.g. alone, feels, out, gather, all, start, up)
~Social Aspects(e.g. feelings, friendships, caring about others when they are sick)

Please head over to Scarlett's Speech is Sweet blog for her Wild About Books Wednesday Linky Party!  Join in the fun and post a comment about books you enjoy using for therapy this time of year!

I would love to hear about what Autumn or Fall-Holiday themed books you are using in your classroom this year! Link in comments!


  1. I love the Bear Feels...books! I don't know Otis and The Scarecrow but I've been looking for a new scarecrow book! I will have to go find it now!

  2. Thanks for linking up! Otis and The Scarecrow is new to me too! It looks super cute. :)