Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wild About Books Wednesday! {Linky Party!}

It's Wednesday! I am so excited to be linking up again with Speech is Sweet!  For the next month, I will be focusing on listening skills with many of my students. This book is awesome!  Not to mention, it helps make the topic more interesting and concrete for kids.

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Whole Body Listening Larry at School!
by Kristen Wilson and Elizabeth Sautter
illustrated by Eric Hutchinson
This book is part of Social Thinking materials which was founded by Michelle Garcia Winner. 
{Book can be found HERE!}

Other materials I use with the book...

Below are pictures of a page in the book I copied and adapted for an activity.

Progression of Therapy
1. Read the book slowly and talk about Larry and the other characters.  Talk about what they are saying and doing. (Don't forget to talk about why listening with your whole body is important!)
2.  Use the adapted page from the book to aid in teaching and reviewing whole body listening.
3. Use the FREEBIE as another form to teach the skill.
4.  Take an actual picture of the student doing whole body listening and sitting at their desk in the classroom.  Label the picture with the visuals from the book.  Tape picture on desk.  This can be used as a visual cue to help remind the student to use their whole body listening skills in class. (I have not gotten to this point with my students yet.  When I do, I will post a picture).
5. Everyone working with the student should be using the same vocabulary taught for whole body listening and should be using it consistently.
6. Practice, practice, practice!

This is book helps to building those basic listening listening/body and brain in group skills.  If you have not heard of Social Thinking, make sure to check it out! (Link is above in post).

Gobble on over to Speech is Sweet to check out other awesome books for educators.

Have a great Thanksgiving folks!

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  1. Awesome post! Sorry, no linky today, but I hope you link up with this post next week! Thanks for sharing your great ideas! :)