Friday, December 5, 2014

Visual Schedules!

Many of the students I work with need a visual schedule to help them be successful throughout their day. Here are a few ideas on how to organize a visual schedule!

Many people are visual learners. (I am definitely one of those people!) Meaning, they learn best by learning through pictures or visualizing in their minds. Some of the visual schedules I am currently using with my students are below.  I always find it helpful to see how other educators make their own visuals.  Sharing ideas and materials with other professionals is a great way to step out of your box and see how other creative minds work.  Please share your creative ideas for visuals in the comments! I would love to see them!

Visual Schedule: Morning + Afternoon Classes 
(Visuals helped this 3rd grade student with ASD be aware of transitions and upcoming classes.) 

 Supplies needed:
Computer for picture symbols
Printer (Color optional)

Visual Schedule: Beginning of the day 
(Visuals helped a couple 1st grade students with ADHD to complete their morning routine independently.)
Supplies needed:
Computer for picture symbols (Boardmaker Software symbols used above)
Printer (Color Optional)
Card Stock

Visual Schedule: Classroom Daily Expected Behavior Chart
(Visual used to help a 1st grader see positive reinforcement for expected classroom behaviors.  He receives electronic time or a prize from my prize bin daily if he gets 2 or fewer sad faces.~The goal is to increase expected behaviors and decrease unexpected behaviors.)
Supplies needed:
Computer (PowerPoint or Word)

Please leave a comment or send me a picture of a visual schedule you have created that you think is awesome!  I will link in your website and picture to this post!

Visual Schedule/Chart Resource List

*Collaborate with other professionals at your workplace ~ I have gotten the most valuable information from other special educators I work with! Communication is a fabulous thing!

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