Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday!

It's Tuesday!  I am sharing two tips this week. Link up and share your quick tips for speech and language!

Every Tuesday, I host a link up called "Quick Tip Tuesday!"  I share a quick tip(s) related to the speech and language world.  It may be a tip about organization, how to do therapy or tips related to evaluations. My goal for this link up is to share information in a short-read format, which is helpful and can make a Speech-Language Pathologists more efficient.

Here are a couple tips for this week...

 1. Data Collection Organization!
Use different colored pens when taking data to differentiate the level or articulation you are collecting the data on.  When it comes time to write progress notes, it comes in very handy to only have one data collection sheet with multiple levels on it!  This tip can also be used for language students.
*This is a similar trick to the tip that Sparklle SLP shared last week from Nicole Allison's Speech Peeps blog! They are both creative SLPs! Check it out! 

2.  Keep Track of MA Billing!
I keep track of my MA Billing students by having their data collection sheets handy on a clip board.  This way, I can quick grab it and jot down some data during or immediately after a speech therapy session.  I also check off each month once I have the billing completed and sent to the billing person in my district.  (Make copies of all of the billing you send in and you can use those data collection notes when progress reports sneak up on you!) It makes billing much more manageable!

I hope you learned something useful today!

If you are linking up, please don't forget to include the picture above and a link back to www.schoolslp.blogspot.com in your post.

What quick tip(s) do you have to make your speech world more efficient?

Link in comments! 
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  1. I use different color markers on my kids' progress charts that they complete at the end of the session. (Hmmm...there's another post for a Tues. Quick Tip!) Luckily, I don't have to do Medicaid billing...we contract with an outside agency to come in and see those students! (I have a dream job!)