Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday!

Check out what quick tip I have for you this week!

Every Tuesday, I host a link up called "Quick Tip Tuesday!"  I share a quick tip(s) related to the speech and language world.  It may be a tip about organization, how to do therapy or tips related to evaluations. My goal for this link up is to share information in a short-read format, which is helpful and can make a Speech-Language Pathologists more efficient.

Here is a quick tip for this week...

1. Paperless Calendars!

I've had many different calendars to help keep me organized.  Here are the calendars I've had a Google calendar, Outlook for work, iPhone calendar, paper calendar for SPL, and traditional calendar at home ... all at the same time!  All of these calendars got to be way too much to keep up with. (Not to mention, confusing!)  So, I consolidated.  I threw out the paper calendars and decided to set up all of my calendars to go into the one on my iPhone.  I cannot tell you how AWESOME this is!  My Google calendar and Outlook are all synced up now.  I can still enter things separately on each one, but they all show up on my iPhone calendar (which transfers to my iPad automatically)!

Paperless Calendars... such a lifesaver :)

I hope you learned something useful today!

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What quick tip(s) do you have to make your speech world more efficient?

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  1. I tried the paperless calendar for a couple of years, but went back to paper this year.

  2. I've thought about doing this, I'm scared to lose my paper calendar though! Maybe I'll finally give it a try :)

    1. I was scared too--but it has saved me so much time :)

  3. I am getting closer everyday to going paperless, but I really like my binder! I am taking your advice to add to the list of pros!

  4. I am just about paperless and I do love the iphone calendar because it's always with me.