Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quick Tip Tuesday!

Staying organized for a decent price!

Every Tuesday, I host a link up called "Quick Tip Tuesday!"  I share a quick tip(s) related to the speech and language world.  It may be a tip about organization, how to do therapy or tips related to evaluations. My goal for this link up is to share information in a short-read format, which is helpful and can make a Speech-Language Pathologists more efficient.

Here is a quick tip for this week...

1. Sheet protectors from Amazon!

$12.48 for 200 sheet protectors!
{Buy on Amazon HERE}

Many of my materials are printed from TpT. In order to stay organized and save paper, I print one copy and put each product in a binder.  The sheets of paper are put back-to-back inside sheet protectors.  Then, I use dry erase markers to complete most of the worksheet activities.  With that said, sheet protectors are very expensive {especially, when you use them for most of your products].  This is the best deal I have found: AMAZON $12.48 for 200! (and if you have Amazon Prime, shipping is FREE!)  Most places sell sheet protectors for around $5.00 for 50.  I am still working on finding the cheapest place to get binders.  Currently, I get them at target-- the Up & Up brand. I will keep you posted!

I hope you learned something useful today!

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What quick tip(s) do you have to make your world more efficient?

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  1. I love sheet protectors! I've found Target to have the least expensive, decent binders as well. Dollar General and the Dollar Tree have them, but the quality isn't as good.

    1. I also like the ones from Target the best. I like the plastic better than the Amazon ones... but the Amazon deal was too good to pass up!