Tuesday, February 2, 2016

App Review: SLP Toolkit

The SLP Toolkit is a web based app which has drastically improved how I share information with teachers and parents, keep track of all my student specific information, write Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), and monitor my students progress.  Keep reading to find out my top 10 reasons I love, and highly recommend this web based app!

Top 10 Reasons I Love the SLP Toolkit!

1.  Paperless.

2.  Easy to navigate.

3.  Has drop down menus for goal writing.

4. Comes with Progress Monitoring Tools (PMTs) for all areas of speech and language (Cognitive, Expressive/Receptive Language, Fluency, Social Language, Speech Sound Production, and Voice/Resonance)! 

5.  Includes teacher strategies (These are well written and easily understood by the reader!)

6.  Includes accommodation list (This is a well worded, practical and extensive list.)

7. I can access the SLP Toolkit from my laptop, iPad and iPhone!

8. The SLP Toolkit is a Comprehensive tool; meaning that everything is stored in one spot.  No more papers spread all over or searching in multiple places for important information for each student. (Goals, dates, progress monitoring, accommodations, teaching strategies, etc.)

9.  Present Level Assessments (PLAs) are included with pictures.  You can easily use the SLP Toolkit Image Viewer (www.slptoolkit.com/viewer) so the students can look at the picture on their own device, while you take notes on their performance on your own device.

10. This app makes my life more organized, therefore, I am able to spend more time on planning therapy and conducting therapy with my students.

You can trial the SLP Toolkit for FREE at www.slptoolkit.com/app!  They offer monthly ($19.00 per month) and yearly ($180.00 per year) subscriptions.  

Want to hear more about the creators?  Check out their blog at blog.slptoolkit.com

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