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Hi there and welcome to my blog! I started this blog to share thoughts, ideas, materials, and anything related to speech and language pathology. Before you look around, why don't you get to know me better!

My name is Kim Jarvis, M.S., CCC-SLP. I am a speech language pathologist who works in the elementary school setting with children in grades K-5.  I am a 2008 graduate from Minnesota State University, Mankato.  I received both my undergraduate degree and master of science there.

 {Photographs taken by Jessica Rivers Photography}

I am married and we have two daughters named Addy and Crosby! We also have a wheaten terrier and a boxer.

I love what I do, which led me to begin this blog!  I hope you enjoy what you find and feel free to email me with any questions or comments!
{I am also an author of my own speech and language materials~many are FREE!  Check out my TpT!}


Home Page Tab Descriptions:

HOME:  This is where you will find all of my posts, starting with the most recent at the top. These will be posts about what I do in my speech room with my students.  There will be information about current therapy materials I create, other great materials and resources I have come across and use, assessments, linky parties with other bloggers, and app reviews. 

MY THERAPY:  This page is about speech and language therapy in general.  Here you will find out what speech and language therapy is, and other very credible websites to be used as resources.

FREEBIES:  Who doesn't love something that's FREE?!  This is where you will find speech and language materials I have made and can be downloaded for FREE.  If you find something you like, please direct your friends, family and coworkers to my blog so they can download a copy for themselves!  Remember, just because they are free, you cannot share them.  MANY thanks!

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Disclaimer Page

This is a personal blog written and edited by me, Kim Jarvis. Any, and all, content on this website is intended for other speech language pathologists and related professionals/educators. I do not advise parents about the treatment of their children via the information and/or materials on this blog. I refer parents to to find a certified SLP in their area.

At times I may reference other blogs, websites, etc.  This is not an endorsement and I accept no responsibility for the contents of other websites.

Thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog are mine {Kim Jarvis}.  Occasionally, guest writers will appear with the consent of the editor {Kim Jarvis}.

Copyright Information

I blog because I like it!  I also create materials because I like it! It’s a creative outlet and connection to other professionals that makes me happy J  PLEASE do not steal my ideas and sell them as your own.  This will make me sad…:::::and it’s rude:::::

You may always link to my materials in your own blog or website as long as you give me credit.  You may not use any of my photos unless I give you written permission.  Please email me at for written permission.

The contents of this blog belong to Kim Jarvis, unless otherwise stated.

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  1. Hi Kim! Your blog is so cute. It's good to know I'm not the only newbie around here! haha